Our Kombucha

Why we do it

Like we constantly boast to our friends and family (they’ve definitely stopped listening) – there is  only ¼ teaspoon of sugar or less in each bottle of our organic, locally batch-brewed kombucha. The rest is good stuff that makes you feel great. And that’s why we do it. To give everyday Aussies & Kiwi’s the option to pair their Greek salads, acai bowls and backyard snags with something that won’t break the bank or their bathroom scales.

Basically, we set out to make kombucha because we love it – the taste, the brewing process, and the people we do it with. But also because we want to give you the best chance to feel like your best self. Yeah, it’s corny, but it’s true.

Plug ‘kombucha’ into a Google search and you’ll be up to your eyeballs in oodles of websites swearing by the health benefits of organic fermented tea. But we don’t want to muddy the sweetened waters of this ancient beverage with complicated nutrition jargon – we’re all about keeping things simple.

Basically, for thousands of years people have been drinking kombucha. Why? Because it’s a really low sugar, fizzy drink and it makes them feel really, really good.

Chinese folklore says it was once considered ‘The Tea of Immortality’, while the last decade or so has seen it become ‘The Drink of Choice For People Who Just Want To Feel A Whole Lot Better’. Heaps of Aussies & Kiwi’s have even started brewing it in their own homes. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a hassle to bring out your homebrew where ever you go, so we thought there might be an opportunity to help out.

As massive fans of The Booch ourselves, we’d tasted our fair share of ‘potent’ brews, so we were keen to make something that tasted just as good as it made us feel.

And we (think?!) did.

You see, we’re not just a tiny team of passionate kombuchos, we’re a small offshoot of a beverage company called Frucor Suntory, which has a long history of carefully creating delicious drinks that you’ve probably plucked from the fridge and tasted yourself. From fresh fruit juices, sparkling waters, premium beers to top-shelf whiskeys, we’ve done it all and we’re stoked to say we’ve done it pretty well. That’s why we’re so confident you’re gonna love our Amplify Kombucha.

Using real, natural and organic ingredients, authentic fruity flavours and tongue-tingling bubbles (avoiding that harsh vinegar-y aftertaste you can get from somekombucha), we created a kombucha that not only feels great in your gut, but tastes great on your tongue too. Plus, it’s really low in sugar, high in flavour and authentically batch brewed in our own Sydney based brewery (where our master brewer, Fernando, personally oversees the filling of every bottle).

So, if you’ve had a gutsful of afternoon sugar crashes, choccy milk cramps and ‘Mum’s special homemade hangover cure’ – Amplify kombucha is your long-awaited prince charming. Give it a go – your gut (and your taste buds!) will thank you.

Amplify Raspberry Lime Kombucha and Ingredients

Our Brewery

Where that sweet fermented magic happens.

Where we brew

We brew kombucha the old school way, meaning all our kombucha is batch brewed in our 200 litre brewing vessels.

When we first locked eyes on our little craft brewery space it was basically a big empty warehouse. In fact, Fernando took one look at it and said, “ya gotta be joking”. But then our brewery guru, Ben, swept in and pimped up the space, transforming it into a custom-designed small batch brewery that would put any DIY home set-up to shame.

How we brew

Without downplaying the mad skills of Fernando and his brew team, making your own kombucha at home isn’t super difficult. In fact, that’s how we all fell head over heels for The Booch in the first place. However, making kombucha on a large scale that actually tastes delicious is a whole other kettle of fish.

The trick to nailing a great tasting kombucha is getting the brewing process just right. And here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Put the kettle on

Like any old cup of tea, the main ingredient in kombucha is water, and lots of it, which is why we take our water pretty (obsessively) serious. How hard can boiling a kettle be, right? Very. Especially if your kettle’s a 300-litre steeping vessel that requires triple-filtered fresh water. But that’s how we ensure each and every one of our bottles tastes so good.

Step 2: Add the tea

When you think of tea, you often think of the peppermint cuppa you settle in with on a late Sunday arvo. But real tea (the base tea of our kombucha) is actually made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. When it comes to our kombucha, we use a few different types of loose leaf organic tea:. We then combine these and brew them  for about forty-five minutes.

Step 3: Sprinkle in the sugar

How can our kombucha feel so good if we add so much sugar, you might ask. Because the organic sugar acts as food for the SCOBY, which gobbles up almost every crystal of it. Yeast is what kick-starts the fermentation process, so if there isn’t  enough sugar for our SCOBY to eat, they won’t make kombucha!

Step 4: Add a touch of culture

Once this sweet little tea-sugar mix has cooled, we then add the SCOBY (think big Sea Monkeys, but edible), which is a colony of bacteria and yeast that transforms the sweet sugary tea into a fizzy, flavour-packed kombucha. Our Brew Master, Fernando, has been perfecting his SCOBY for more than a decade. And it’s from this very same SCOBY that we make our own Amplify kombucha.

Step 5: Play the waiting game

Now all we have to do is play the waiting game, which in the case of kombucha, lasts about a month. During this time, Mother Nature grabs her apron and takes it from there, and our job gets a bit trickier. While we wait for our kombucha to ferment and take form, our brew crew are constantly monitoring and testing each batch because, unlike normal soft drinks, kombucha is always alive and changing.

Step 6: Fill it with flavour

Our team always have a hankering for a hit of the The Booch, but we know not everyone is as obsessed with the taste of your typical home brewed style kombucha flavour. Fortunately, being part of the team at Frucor Suntory and its rich history of creating tasty drinks means that if anyone can make Australia’s most delicious kombucha, it’s us. So, when the base brew is fully fermented, we infuse it with natural and organic flavours that we all know and love. This adds variety to our Amplify kombucha range and ensures there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for all of us.

Step 7: Set it free

Once upon a time we tenderly hand-filled, labelled and capped every single bottle. Times have changed though (Ben set up a production line in the brewery #blessed), however we still oversee the preparation of every single bottle before we send them off to our awesome (and gut-healthy) retail partners, so you can get one in your gob whenever, wherever.