Our Story

It Started With A Bucket Of Bacteria

Like all great ideas, ours was born from a small team of passionate people with a thirst for change and a live symbiotic culture growing in the back of our test kitchen. But what started as a small side project from two of our product developers, eventually fermented into something much bigger when the marketing team got hold of it and realised that heaps of dinner tables, picnic blankets and stubby holders around Australia and New Zealand were missing the very thing that was brewing in the back of our own kitchen – a tasty, organic health drink that wasn’t plain old water. So, we decided to bring it to the market.

It Got The Green Light From The Guys Upstairs

Not so coincidentally, our small kombucha-crazy team is already part of one of the biggest beverage companies – Frucor Suntory. And between us we’d spent enough years bringing great-tasting drinks to the lips of thirsty Aussies & Kiwi’s everywhere to know that our big idea was going to take a little elbow grease and a lot of passion. And probably a bunch of overtime too if we were being honest.
But before we could even think about putting tea to water, we needed the go-ahead from the boss. As it turns out, selling the idea for, an organic health drink that tastes incredible and makes you feel good wasn’t tricky at all. So, once we got the nod from Cameron – our top ideas man and Invention Director – the first kettle was on.

Our Kombucha Babies Were Born

Any amateur home-brewer will tell you that you can’t create kombucha without a live culture of wild bacteria and yeast, which in brewman’s talk is a SCOBY. And like every ingredient in our brew, it had to be absolutely perfect.
So, we transferred the SCOBY-making process into the safe hands of our product development lead – by now fermentation guru – Sandra, who after breeding (and even naming) individual live cultures growing in our test kitchen, ended up with a pretty serious case of SCOBY brain.

There’s Something In The Water

And, like Sandra will tell you – It’s organic tea, wild bacteria, yeasts and raw organic sugar. More specifically, it’s our all-organic, all-delicious kombucha and we promise it tastes a hell of a lot better than it sounds. Just ask the ancient Chinese elders who’ve been pouring it on their Weet-Bix for over two thousand years.

Like a lot of other organic health drinks, kombucha can often be a smidge bitter or like biting into a lemon. Which is why we were so determined to create a recipe that would make everyone fall in love with this awesome drink from the get-go. So, after numerous rounds of experimenting and countless taste tests, we finally had our perfect brew –full to the brim with natural and organic ingredients, infused with your favourite fresh fruity flavours and just the right level of fizz.

Time To Assemble The K-Team

Once we’d decided to bring our craft-brewed kombucha to the people, we realised we needed to bring all known kombucha-brewing people to us. Having a boat load of people obsessed with The Booch behind the scenes wasn’t enough, we needed to actually make it on a large scale. Enter: Fernando. After a month of scouting the drinks scene for the ideal man for the job, we found our Master Brewer. And he’s packed with about as much knowledge, experience and passion as he is literal kombucha. Plus, he’s an actual Kung Fu master, so we knew our brew would be in safe hands.

Getting Amped

When it came time to choosing a name for our game-changing palate cleanser, we needed something that really emphasised the idea that having good stuff in your insides makes us radiate great stuff on the outside.

So, when you crack open a bottle of Amplify’s organic sparkling kombucha, you’re making a choice to care about what goes in your gut and making small positive changes in life.

Finding The Sweet Spot

Armed with a delicious recipe and a Master Brewer who has almost more years in kombucha brewing than he has on earth, all that was left was finding somewhere to make the organic sparkling magic happen. In 2017 we signed the lease to an empty warehouse in Kingsgrove, Sydney. And from there a kombucha-dedicated brewery was designed and built from the ground up by our head of brewery, Ben. Why? Because the best beer in the world isn’t made at a winery. So, if we were going to make kombucha, we were going to do it right the first time.

Going for Gold


Three successful years after the launch of Amplify, kombucha has become bigger than we ever imagined! One in five Aussies and Kiwis now drink kombucha on a regular basis to help with their gut health. We have launched 3 more delicious products (Raspberry Lime, Pineapple Coconut and Apple Blackcurrant) – so that we now have a range of  6 mouth-watering flavours for you to taste. We have also launched a 750ml bottle, for those drinkers that just can’t get enough.

A Whole New Look

As more and more Aussies and Kiwis feel the fantastic benefits & kombucha becoming more established, we decided to refresh the design of our bottles. With an exciting new logo and delicious new design, we hope that you love our new look as much as we do.